The Walking Dead Psychology Review Excepts

The Walking Dead Psychology is the perfect blend of insightful scholarship, pop-culture savvy and bloody good fun. Highly recommended!” – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Patient Zero and Rot & Ruin.

“One of the most fascinating books I read this year: @Superherologist’s THE WALKING DEAD PSYCHOLOGY. Required read for zombies with brains.” – Brian Keene (@BrianKeene), New York Times bestselling author of The Rising, Ghoul, and The Last Zombie.

“Anyone who’s a fan of the show or comic and who’s at least slightly interested in psychology would find much to take away from this book. Not only will it enrich your appreciation of The Walking Dead, but the way it uses entertainment to explain the importance of psychological concepts…is quite simply good for your braaaains!” – The Pop Mythologist.

“‘Walking Dead’ fans, this one’s for you. Travis Langley examines what living in a post-apocalyptic world actually does to one’s psyche. As a fan, it’s easy to just get caught up in the drama of the show without really thinking about what living in such a stressful, violent environment can do to a person. But Langley really gets into it, which helps you understand the characters even better…. You’ll be even more pumped to watch the show after reading.” – Metro.

“It gave me a completely new understanding for the series and made me really appreciate the work the writers put into truly developing these characters… Don’t stress out thinking that you need to know a good bit about psychology before picking up this book… Thankfully, each contributor is great at breaking down their topic in understandable terms… this book should be next in your to To-Read list. It’s an enjoyable and informative read. And once your finished reading the book, you can go back to your zombie survival plans.” – All Geek to Me.

“I absolutely loved this book. It takes a serious look at the psychological aspects of the show, both why viewers watch and the toll the Zombie Apocalypse (or any other type of apocalypse) takes on survivors and affects their behaviors…. Highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of the show, comics, or novels.” – Nutwood Junction.

“Those interested in #TWD and/or psychology, check it out.” – actor Andrew J. West (@AndJWest), Gareth on The Walking Dead.



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