Star Wars Psychology Review Excerpts

“…a collection of thought-provoking essays and psychological analyses of the films, including themes of villainy and heroism, gender and family. (Spoiler: the Skywalker family has some serious issues.)” — Kirkus Reviews

“What’s great about the books in the Psych Geeks series, however, is that they are amenable for both casual reading and deeper study alike… A fan of Star Wars, you are? Then check out Star Wars Psychology, you should. And if you’re a psychology buff, especially, this is most certainly the Star Wars book you’re looking for.” – Pop Mythology

“…an absorbing read, examining the ideas and core values of why we love Star Wars, encouraging us think about the movies and characters in new and unpredictable ways. There’s something for everyone in this fun and fascinating volume, a good addition to any Star Wars fan’s bookshelf.” — The BiblioSanctum

“That’s the beauty of this book and Star Wars, it makes you think. I highly recommend this to any Star Wars fan that wants to dig a little deeper into why the characters we’ve come to know and love act as they do.” — The Cantina Cast

“So, if you like to understand a bit more about the human mind in a more entertaining way this book is for you. While I enjoyed the interplay of Star Wars and psychological theories, I also found myself arguing various points with the authors. Yes, there are various authors but the way it was edited it flows like it had one author.” — Books and Things

“The research done for this book is impressive. That said, Star Wars Psychology was designed to be a fun foray into examining the Saga we love so much — it’s very approachable, not pretentious at all, and, on that level, it succeeds.” — The Bearded Trio

“First of all, this book was amazing. I loved it every inch of the way.” — Constant Collectible

“I recommend it for anyone who has interest in both Star Wars and psychology.” – Kaleidoscope49

“Part of the reason why this took me so long to finish was because I needed to stop and reflect on what I’d read—it’s a psychology book, after all. That being said, I absolutely loved it…. It’s a belief-challenging wild ride from beginning to end that I cannot recommend enough, especially for Star Wars fans.” – From Blushes to Blasters

“Such a fun book. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” — John Fugelsang, “Tell Me Everything,” Insight Radio on Sirius XM 121.



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