Beyond Heroes and Villains: My 100 Posts Ranked


For my Psychology Today blog, “Beyond Heroes and Villains,” I’ve made 113 posts. I deleted seven because they were about convention schedules and became outdated after the cons. Of the remaining 106, six were written by guest writers. (The rules have changed so we can’t easily have guest writers, but it used to be no problem.) That means I have authored 100 currently available articles. Here’s the list of them ranked from the most popular (most read) article “President Candidate Says Psych Degree Means Fast Food Job” at top to the least popular (least read) article “Freedom vs. Security in Z Nation‘s Zombie Apocalypse” at bottom. Older posts have had more time to accumulate hits than newer ones have.

Title Post Date
Most Read
Presidential Candidate Says Psych Degree Means Fast Food Job 25-Oct-15
A Dark and Stormy Knight: Why Batman? 12-Aug-12
A Clinical Perspective on Panic and PTSD in Iron Man 3 10-May-13
Are We Blaming the Famous Victims of Nude Photo Theft? 2-Sep-14
The Avengers Teach Psychology: Class Assemble! 30-Aug-12
Are Batman’s Enemies Insane? Sounder Minds—Part 1 15-Nov-12
Are Batman’s Enemies Insane? Unsound Minds—Part 2 29-Dec-12
Does Iron Man 3’s Hero Suffer Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? 4-May-13
The Dark Knight Rises: What Motivates Bane? 31-Dec-12
Doctor Who: “Listen” to Your Fear 18-Sep-14
Naming Evil: Dark Triad, Tetrad, Malignant Narcissism 20-Jun-16
Batman at 75: The Psychology of Why the Dark Knight Endures 30-Mar-14
MythBusters’ Kari, Grant, and Tory Leave a Myth Unfinished 23-Aug-14
Doctor Who: The Man Who Regrets and the Man Who Forgets 27-Dec-13
Scarlett Johansson Film Lucy Pushes 10 Percent Brain Myth 18-Aug-14
Star Trek: The Mental Frontier 5-Sep-12
Super Sex Theorists: “Hung up on Superheroes’ Sex Organs” 30-May-14
Joking Matter: Adam West and Colleagues Analyze the Joker 8-May-14
Twitter Takes on Iron Man 3: Why Can’t Tony Stark Sleep? 5-May-13
Stop Picking on People for Their “First World Problems” 9-Aug-14
A Visit to the Rape Room: Who Sees Humor in Sexual Assault? 7-Sep-14
Star Wars Psychology: The Problems with Diagnosing Kylo Ren 10-Feb-16
Are Olympic Athletes Heroes? 6-Aug-12
Doctor Who: Fear the Weeping Angels and Don’t Blink 7-Mar-13
Superman’s True Disguise: The Power of Social Invisibility 27-Mar-14
Ye Olde Masters of Sex: Sexology Before Masters and Johnson 25-May-14
Batman’s Case Files: Bane, the Man Who Broke the Bat 8-Aug-12
Why Stick to a PTSD Diagnosis Based on Lies by Jodi Arias? 20-Mar-13
The Hero Round Table With Phil Zimbardo: Prepare for Heroism 18-Sep-15
The Bat of the Shadow: Batman’s Role Models 12-Mar-13
Heroes of Cosplay: Can We All Play Together? 5-Jul-14
Kurt Lewin, the Refugee Who Founded Social Psychology 29-Jan-17
Scientific Reasons Fans Still Hate Star Wars’ Jar Jar Binks 4-Feb-16
Ramsay Snow Bolton, a Sadist Dark and Full of Terrors 16-Jun-16
Necessary Evil Documentary: Exploring Super-Villainy 22-Oct-13
Why Are We Writing More About a Suicide Than Ferguson Riots? 16-Aug-14
Batman’s Case Files: Immortality versus Extinction 9-Aug-12
Orange Is the New Black: The Prisoner’s Dilemma Compounded? 19-Jul-14
Superheroine Recovery: An Interview With Batgirl’s Therapist 21-May-13
Haunted by Sigmund Freud: Adaptation or Defense Mechanisms? 6-Jul-14
Ferguson Protests, Riots, Power Abuse, and Not-So-Quiet Rage 15-Aug-14
Police Suspect Suicide in Death of Comedian Robin Williams 11-Aug-14
Do Suicide Squad Villains Harley and Joker Defy Diagnosis? 6-Aug-16
Doctor Who and the Neuroscience of Morality Malfunctions 31-Aug-14
The Walking Dead Psychology: A Cannibal Conversation 25-Jan-15
An OCEAN Far Away: Big 5 Personality Factors in Star Wars 4-Mar-15
Who Are Your Heroes? 1-Aug-12
Captain America: The Winter Soldier–Who Is Bucky? 27-Aug-14
Aurora Judge Rules “Truth Serum” Can Test Suspect’s Insanity 14-Mar-13
All My Stripes: A Story for Children with Autism 14-Apr-15
JL8 Controversy: Is Sharing Phallic Photos Healthy Behavior? 22-Aug-14
Why Pokémon GO Can Be Good for You 2-Aug-16
Guidelines for Covering Suicide: How Many Have We Violated? 13-Aug-14
Doctor Who: Regeneration and a Dilemma of Doctor Identities 20-Aug-14
Superheroes, Supervillains, and Ourselves upon the OCEAN 15-Sep-13
Misremembering Batman 28-Aug-12
Murder by Meme: Slender Man and the Wakefield Anti-Vax Hoax 29-Aug-14
Westboro Baptist Church: Modeling Empathy on the High Road 23-Mar-14
The Arkham Sessions Delve Deeper Into the Animated Batman 14-May-14
#ThisPsychMajor Answers Candidate’s Claim We Work Fast Food 29-Oct-15
Freedom vs. Security in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War 6-May-16
Psychology of Cult TV: Better Living by “Geeking Out” 28-Apr-14
Star Trek vs. Star Wars: A Look at Bullying on Any World 17-Aug-14
Spectacular Tragedy in a Just World: The Power of “Why?” 18-Apr-13
Serpents in a Happy Valley: Does the World Need Villains? 13-Sep-14
Brain and Body by Batman: Art and Science of the Dark Knight 8-Aug-14
End Bullying! Responding to Cruelty in Our Culture 11-Aug-14
Hungry vs. Loyal: Ramsay’s Hounds on the Hierarchy of Needs 22-Jun-16
Weddings, Funerals, Reboots–Capes and Cognitive Dissonance 16-Mar-13
Superhero Therapy: Fears Do Not Make Heroes Any Less Heroic 30-May-15
Freud: The Secret Casebook, Tell Me About Your Profiler 17-Apr-14
The Arkham Sessions: Batman, Man-Bat, and that Killer Clown 30-Dec-13
Beyond Good and Evil, Beyond Heroes and Villains 1-Feb-17
The Lost Origin of Coulrophobia, the Abnormal Fear of Clowns 24-Feb-17
Legends of the Knight Documentary Explores Power of Stories 16-Feb-14
Would “Doctor Who” Call Freud, Jung, Myers & Briggs Stupid? 7-Mar-16
Who Can Win the Game of Thrones? 24-Apr-16
Superhero Psychology Resources 5-Apr-17
Interview with Kevin Sorbo on Making a World Fit for Kids 5-Aug-14
StarTalk: Neil deGrasse Tyson on Game of Thrones Psychology 3-Feb-17
Sole Survivor Finds Hope in a Hogwarts Wizard’s Words 13-Jul-14
Heroism Conference: The Hero Round Table with Phil Zimbardo 9-Jul-14
Star Wars Psychology: How Does a Stormtrooper Learn to Hug? 27-Jan-16
The Walking Dead: The Further Confessions of Father Gabriel 19-Oct-15
Risky Sessions: Superheroes on the (Steel-Reinforced) Couch 21-Mar-14
Geek Psych Library From Mad Men Reality to Twilight Fantasy 13-Nov-14
Grief Out Of Order: Apocalyptic Loss and “The Walking Dead” 17-Aug-15
As We Wonder: A Heroine’s Wisdom for Violent Times 9-Jul-16
“Legends of the Knight” Video Chat on Batman and Psychology 8-Mar-13
The Flash and the Nonexistent Standard DID Med Mix 11-Feb-15
Psych Write: Psychology Can Make Sense and Be Fun to Read! 27-Jul-15
Post-Time War Stress Disorder: Doctor Who’s Secret Symptom 25-Dec-16
Hungry for Answers: Questions about The Walking Dead 17-Feb-16
Interview: Star Trek Psychology and the Hero Coalition 15-Apr-17
Who Dies to Fight Ebola? Who Kills in Fear of It? 23-Sep-14
Healer, Teacher, Hero, Villain from Mork to the Angriest Man 14-Aug-14
Life (and Death) Lessons Learned from “The Walking Dead” 31-Dec-16
Heroes’ Origins: Must Superheroes Suffer Parental Loss? 2-Jul-17
Freedom vs. Security in Z Nation’s Zombie Apocalypse 16-Oct-16
Least Read

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